Since a child is born, he is a person.
He is a human with his own opinion.
It’s not his fault you’ve failed with your own dreams.
He’s not obliged to be the one you dreamt to be.
Let little persons be themselves; it’s their right.

Teach the little person to make his own choice every moment.
He needs to see the difference in the steps he takes,
to understand the consequences following his decisions.
He’ll make the wounds and learn to heal them up.
He’ll scream to see if anybody listens.
He’ll fall until you make him feel you’re always there to help.
To help, but not to live his life for him.

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Jane B. was born in Uzbekistan (formerly USSR). She grew up there, but eventually had to move twice to other countries due to violence and government pressure. Finally, she found a home in Atlanta, Georgia. Raising her little daughter alone, she is passionate about writing high-concept psychological thrillers and poetry, and doing photo art. She firmly believes the only way to be perfect is to be yourself. | Facebook | Instagram



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