This piece comes from a series of digital photo collages created around the idea of perceptions. I contemplated this piece for quite some time. I was struck by the logic of some acquaintances I had regarding their recent pregnancies. They both were from countries with strict religious views and thus practiced abstinence, yet now were expecting babies. It was peculiar, to me, how their perception of religion and the need for abstinence didn’t change regardless of their circumstances. With abstinence so popularly endorsed and practiced within the U.S. and abroad, the conception of “Christ” does not appear all to special.

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Luke Blevins, born and raised in Southwest Missouri, consistently felt the social pressure to pursue a heterosexual lifestyle. His work is an attempt to show his perception of the world and how he interacts with it. Autobiographical in origin, Luke’s work addresses where he has been and who he is becoming, with hope to reach others like him:

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