Washed Out Visual art by Gretchen Gales

Earth in Distress

Earth in Distress is an abstract fluid painting that I created, in order to symbolically emphasize the impact we have on our earth such as nature, wildlife, the gradual decrease in resources, as well as the relationships with each other as human beings; given the past several months of chaos we’ve endured together. I used an analogous color scheme with cool colors to represent land and sea along with black for contrast and balance. Each color was mixed with floetrol and water, poured into circular layered shapes onto the canvas, balanced for even distribution, and tilted back and forth to achieve the desired design.

Washed Out Visual art by Gretchen Gales

Beautiful Treasure

This painting was formed using neutral tones and pastel colors. For this painting, I used earthy tones to create an abstract savanna landscape. If you look closely, in the bottom right corner and top left corner, I incorporated neutral tones such as brown, tan, gray, and black to symbolize land. In the center, I focused more on incorporating turquoise, pastel colors, and hints of white to represent a stream flowing from one side to the other, creating movement. The design, in combination with the colors, work together to create an abstract terrain.

Britnie Walston is a Maryland based artist who captures energy through light and vibrant colors. After growing up near the Chesapeake Bay, her work is inspired by nature, often depicting the absence of human presence, liberation (“set free”) and freedom (“being free”). She received a BA from Goucher College as a fine and performing arts scholar, studied art and Greek mythology abroad in Greece in the summer of 2012, and also took studio painting classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has also been featured in Mid-Atlantic shows and published in magazines such as Chestnut Review, Sonder Midwest, Mud Season Review, Blue Mesa Review, Abstract Magazine TV, and many more. Follow her on Instagram @bnwart_leaway, on Facebook @BWalstonArt, or on her website, www.BNWArt.com.


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