Alter Ego

Collage, embroidery thread, and oil paint on canvas. 16”x20”

In my work, I examine the concept of identity as an assemblage of influences, challenging conventions in popular culture from a woman’s perspective. My paintings are portraits and parts of the face that often include an obtrusive use of collage and a domestic use of thread, amongst various painted elements. I investigate socially constructed ideals and explore their effects on the identity and psychology of women. I’m fascinated with the concept of identity and how we are an accumulation of our experiences and surroundings; all complexities that define the way people portray themselves to the world.

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Allison Meriwether grew up in Mississippi and received her BFA from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama and her MFA from Long Island University. Her studio is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. More of her work can be seen at |Instagram  

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