Blue Door

So many years ago it ended in
a question and closing she allowed it. Then
she found a series of photographs he took:
the aperture, an opening through which
light enters. Like walking past a mirror
she thought was a window and seeing
another that really was the self,
suddenly she remembered: how tan he was
in that raw silk jacket; she wore the pearls
he’d given her and little else in
the Miami gloaming. She could not hold him
close enough. He reached out to take the shot,
then stole a kiss and snapped another.
They were laughing so hard, grin to grin,
her face molded to fit his. He had
the dark eyes of an animal, cinnamon
and honey. Yet, like Sisyphus in
the downhill pause, they held a weariness,
a sadness that she never saw, as he walked out
the Blue Door with his arm around her waist
and that smile she gave away so easily.


Diamond Sutra

Remember how we watched Titanic years and years ago
on Valentine’s? And that time in Hawaii we saw a wild
donkey mourn its mate killed by a car. How long did it
stand there, head bowed? Await the snowfall, which is not
forthcoming, the Diamond Sutra cutting through illusion.
This winter is too mild. Outside city limits they come
under cover of darkness. The revenants’ scourge revealed
at dawn: arbor vitae, rhododendron, flame juniper,
three friends of winter injured by the deer. And just
outside the door two holly bushes are but half of what they
were. Like those living in the highrise at the edge of town,
the elderly, the wounded, listening to Frost’s Provide,
Provide nonplussed.


Mary Kathryn Jablonski has been a contributor at Numero Cinq Magazine and author of the poetry book, To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals including the Beloit Poetry Journal, Blueline, Salmagundi, and Slipstream. Her collaborative film/poems, made with filmmaker Laura Frare, can be seen at Atticus Review, Film Poetry Live (UK), and Tupelo Quarterly.


(Photo credit: Flickr.)



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