Storms that Helped me Leave, (somewhere south of Suffolk).

I didn’t know I’d work in photography. I was a painter. A rebel. I didn’t fit in in the South. It took a long time for me to find my road, and now decades later, I guess I’m doing okay. One photo’s even in a museum. Pretty sweet. Not like my tea.

My mother taught me how to make iced tea. And I go unsweetened. She also helped me take these photos, in a way. That is, she was driving us down to her sister’s in Tarboro, near their hometown where we moved, after the divorce. That drive’s when I took these photos of the storm clouds over the fields, somewhere south of Suffolk, soon before I left.

(Click on the image for a high-resolution version.)

Jason Engelund has been abstracting the photographic process and landscape for over ten years. His work has been described as “distinctly aware of the conceptual and metaphorical capacities of landscape” (Daily Serving, A. Will Brown). In 2012, Engelund was awarded a Sustainable Arts Foundation, and in 2016 he was selected as one of eleven photographic artists for the triennial exhibition “Boundless: A California Invitational.” His artwork is held in private collections, and in the permanent collection of the Museum of Photographic Arts. Artist Website | Instagram

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