Brian Building A Man

Julia Leslie Guarch believes that everything is connected, and he aspires to explore those connections through her creative pursuits.

“Brian Building A Man” is part of a series called “Creation.” In “Creation,” Julia Leslie Guarch investigates the different ways humans create and how that echoes or alters their connection to the outside world.

“Brian Building A Man” demonstrates how a human can unnecessarily alter their environment to forge something in humanity’s image. The “man” in the title of the piece is an attempt to further connect the creator to the creation, as well as to harken to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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Pronouns are not Julia Leslie Guarch‘s friend. She hates them all equally, so he doesn’t care which you use. Julia is a social justice artist who happens to be queer. They graduated with a BA from Lafayette College in 2015 with a “Capturing Gender in the Arts” major which combines women’s and gender studies, film, theater, creative writing, dance, music, and fine arts. Their work can be found in the Pulso/Pulse Anthology, Sunset Liminal, and Triadæ Magazine, among others. She currently holds the position of VP of the LGBTQ Writers Caucus.  Website | Twitter



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