Bringin’ indie back: Southern Fried Books to open in Downtown Newnan

Southern Fried Books is located at 29 Jackson St, Newnan, Ga.

NEWNAN, Ga. —Downtown Newnan, a suburban Atlanta community, has been without an independent bookseller since the beloved Scott’s Bookstore closed in March 2013, but that’s about to change with the opening of Southern Fried Books.

The newest subsidiary of Southern Fried Karma, a Newnan-based multimedia company, Southern Fried Books will be a pop-up retailer opening just in time for the first waves of holiday season shopping.

“This summer my granddaughter sold copies of our newest SFK Press releases from the front porch of our office,” Southern Fried Karma Cofounder and bookstore owner Steve McCondichie said. “So, we decided to professionalize the pop-up concept until we can decide on a larger and more permanent location.”

The new bookstore takes a regional approach to bookselling and is explicitly focusing on catering to a local audience.

“We have highly curated content that focuses on Southern authors—both the classics we all know and new voices we want to introduce you to,” McCondichie said.

The front porch bookstore will stock over 700 selectively ordered individual titles ranging from Ava’s Man by Rick Bragg to Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon.

“Southern Fried Karma has a mission to tell a million tales of ‘Y’all Means All,’” McCondichie said. “Southern Fried Books is another way for us to fulfill that mission.”

In the near future, Southern Fried Books will develop beyond a bookstore and into a community space that hosts author events and workshops, and partners with other independent booksellers and organizations.

“We have the whole perspective,” McCondichie said. “We’re readers, we’re writers, and we’re publishers. We’re committed to books and independent booksellers.”

Southern Fried Books is located at 29 Jackson St, Newnan GA 30263. It will be open for business beginning November 14, Wednesday through Friday 10am – 5pm with expanded weekend hours beginning November 23rd.

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