Vol. 1, Issue 1

“Of a new moment: This is my body and spirit,
Broken but never tamed, risen from the bloody sod,
Walking suddenly alive in a new morning.”
“The Sod of Battlefields,” Donald Davidson

Why the New Southern Fugitives

A New Moment Karma, southern-fried or not, is freedom, not fate. What we reap and what we sow is not determined by unavoidable fortune but by our choices. Considering that Donald Davidson and his fellow Fugitive scholars, critics, and poets were in their 70s and 80s...

Moonlight Inheritance | Fiction

The figurehead’s eyes were dead, empty of her magical soul like her sea-sisters in the graves that the ship sailed upon. The privateer ship had no regard for their sanctity. It continued, cutting through the blue of the seas with a sinner’s vigor. The ship was a...
Blackout Poetix | Visual Art

Blackout Poetix | Visual Art

I discovered “blackout poetry” by accident when I was sifting through quirky ideas on Pinterest. Using the pages from books, one simply forms a meaningful sentence or cluster of words by highlighting those words and blacking out the rest in pen or marker. It is a form...