Walking in Centennial Park with my ex-wife
Smiling as she talks on incessantly
About the ducks
She has a thing for mallards
Which didn’t start
Until we honeymooned in San Francisco
And found that in Chinatown
You can get duck everything:
Lint Brushes
Wooden Ornamental Ducks
With big fat wood duck feet
Duck Playing Cards
Salt and Pepper Shakers
On those walks I don’t think about
How I ended up in Nashville
How she ended up in Nashville
I simply walk along
And quietly listen
As she explains
Why the females look different
Than the males.
A story I’ve heard a hundred times
That I could hear
A thousand times more


Nashville Rain

I sit on my front porch
In the November Nashville rain
On the day after I took my beloved
To the airport
Carrying the baby she now says is not mine
So that she can fly to California
To live with a friend I do not know
And raise that child
That we named together
As we lay in bed
Me rubbing her belly
Whispering her name
While outside the rain came down


Greg Urbaitis has stories in magazines around the country, such as Lynx Eye, Fuel, Poetry Motel, and Half Truth, where he appeared alongside Charles Bukowski. His collection Crossing the Bridge is on sale at select bookstores. His first one-act play, Uncovered, was recently performed at Winthrop University. Greg resides in Nashville, where he hosted “A Night For Fugitive Poets,” winner of Nashville Scene‘s “Best New Poetry Night.” He is also an accomplished musician, having played for various artists from The Queers to Magnapop, Dolly Parton to Tiny Tim.



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