This image depicts the origin of complex cells which, according to the Endosymbiotic model, occurred when an Archae engulfed a simple bacteria. Over time, this simple bacteria developed a permanent relationship with the Archae and became a mitochondrion. The cells in our bodies would not exist without this merging of microscopic communities. This digital painting references the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, thus casting this moment as a creation story for humanity.

In 2018 Kaitlin Maloy earned her BS in Biology and minor in Pre-Medical Illustration as a pilot student of the Visual Integration of Science Through Art program (VISTA) at Louisiana Tech University, where she is currently pursuing a Studio Art MFA. Her primary research focuses on depicting scientific concepts via digital painting. Maloy’s work has been exhibited by the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana and the Bethea Gallery in Ruston, Louisiana. At the 2017 Louisiana Academy for Science Conference, her lecture, “Digital Painting,” on the importance of undergraduate medical illustration programs within universities, was awarded Best Student Presentation. Follow her on Instagram: @kaitlinmaloyart or her website: kaitlinmaloyart.com


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