Washed Out Visual art by Gretchen Gales

This image is a multiple exposure of a derelict hospital and a wave. Like all my works in the series Paintings for a Robot, this piece was created by putting thousands of digital images into a video editing program. The images were then randomly merged together. Painters famously spend enormous amounts of time working on sketches, cartoons, etc. before putting brush to canvas. And then they spend endless weeks, months, or years, finishing their vision. Technology will change all this. Just like brushes improved image making in the first civilizations BC, computers and robotic devices will replace the insane manual labor involved in creating the paintings that are part of the canon. If robots can do surgery they can surely make a painting.

William Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Emory’s Film Studies Department. He has been teaching at Emory since 1974 and is an independent filmmaker producing both documentaries and avant-garde short films. His primary interest is in the history of avant-garde movements and their influences on technological media, including photography, film, and video. He also owns Atlanta Video, Inc., a production company specializing in documentary and arts programming. See more of his work on his website.


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