An excerpt from “You Are Needed Everywhere,” in Yong Takahashi’s collection The Escape to Candyland:

“I have decided to name the baby Amora,” I say.

“Amora?” she asks. “Is that Spanish?”

“Yes, it means ‘love’.” My lip trembles and I look up from her immaculately mopped floor.

“Will you tell the father?” she asks.

“Yes, he deserves to know,” I say.

“What if he doesn’t want you or the baby?” she asks.

“He will have to tell me that to my face,” I say. “I won’t let him run away and abandon his responsibility.”

“And if he’s married?” she asks.

“That’s another thing he will have to say in person,” I say.

For the first time in my life, Mother looks away first. She closes her eyes. “So, you won’t be running the restaurants after the baby comes?” she asks.

I shake my head.

“Amora,” she says.

“Amora,” I say. A love I can hold, not one that floats away in the wind.

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