Backwoods Christmas Cheer
by Emery Duffey

Where I used to live in Villa Rica, GA, this household always put up a handmade nativity scene made from what appears to be scrapwood and leftover paint. It used to be just this wooden box sitting out in their yard. But they’ve upgraded with a nativity that meets Easter and Halloween. Take note of the spooky, white-sheeted characters, the rough-hewn cross in the background reading “JESUS SAVES,” and the sign above the nativity reading “BORN TO DIE.” Well, aren’t we all? The seasonal tree atop the nativity roof is a festive touch.

I would NOT go any closer because I feared getting shot.

Christmas Pigs
by Chelsey Guy

Every year at my future mother-in-law’s house, she takes the minimalist approach to decorating for Christmas. Having just gone all out for Halloween, she pulls out just one decoration to lay in the front lawn: a light-up pig dressed as Santa. Her neighbors marvel at Santa Pig. Some say it’s a statement about capitalism. Others say it’s a statement about religion and faith. When they ask us what it means, we all shrug and say, “It’s just Santa Pig. We thought he was cute.” While driving around Northern Georgia doing some Christmas shopping, my fiancé and I saw this sign outside of Little Barn Biscuits and Bar-B-Que. I wonder if people ask what statement these pigs are making or if they just find the idea delicious.

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