I am a flower, you are a flower, and we are all flowers. We are born, we blossom, and then we are ripped from the earth that gave us a reason to make contributions. We come in all shapes, sizes, and shades. However, the earth itself gives us equal opportunity to love and be loved. Each flower is shaped, sized, and shaded differently as a reflection of the human race. Flowers reflect unity, yet they all have differences that makes them unique from the flower that sits next to them. This piece was inspired by my mother, who always told me to never let a boy deflower me. The piece became a reflection of the life I am living and the life I see others living. We all experience this earth and its happenings, but no matter what happens, we are all still flowers.

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Kayla Favors is an observer and deep thinker with the mind of an artist. She creates art to help people experience what they otherwise would not. She addresses, sheds light on, and deconstructs social norms, such as virginity, human interaction, and the progress of women. Her hope is that her artwork can influence people’s outlooks and perspectives one viewer or reader at a time.

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