An Interview with Dead Rabbits & SFK Press

What do you hope to accomplish on this collaborative tour?

There are several things we hope to accomplish on this tour. First, we of course want to promote our writers – some of whom are from North Carolina–and give them a platform to share their work. We also want to empower writers by arming them with our knowledge of the publishing industry. We hope to make connections with local writers and literary communities to find both manuscripts/voices to publish and passionate folks who want to get more involved in the literary community. Additionally, we want to learn from writers within the NC lit community about what they want to see and how we can improve publishing and the literary community as a whole.

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Why North Carolina?

We knew, when toying with the idea of this collaboration, that we wanted to collaborate on a tour of the east coast, between our two presses’ headquarters (New York & Atlanta). SFK Press has released several books by authors from North Carolina and the Editor-in-Chief of Dead Rabbits lived there for a long time, so has several connections and knows the region well. Both publishers are aware of the thriving literary community in the state, so North Carolina feels like a perfect, welcoming place to launch a collaborative tour.

Can you talk a little about the submission processes for both presses and more specifically what you’re looking for in someone’s work?

Dead Rabbits: When starting this press, we were really thoughtful about our mission statement and spent a lot of time crafting our values. So on our website, you’ll find exactly what we’re looking for. We believe great literature comes in a variety of forms and voices, but ultimately that it takes risks, is playful, and puts quality above all else. We believe those qualities can come from a wide variety of writers and that is exactly what we’re looking for. If you think we’re the right fit for you, follow our submission guidelines at We can’t wait to read your work!

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SFK Press: SFK Press seeks book-length fiction by fearless authors. We want the multiplicity of the cosmic experience: past, present, or future, the good, the bad, and especially the unexpected. We have an annual SFK Press Novel Contest as well. Additionally, writers can submit to our zine: The New Southern Fugitives, in any category. TNSF seeks previously unpublished writing and art for our biweekly zine and writers are paid for accepted contributions. Please review our full submission guidelines at before submitting.

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