“Who are you?” I asked my reflection.
“Who are you?” my reflection asked in response.
“You’re my reflection!” I said.
“Who are you?” I heard back again
“I am who I am, and you’re my reflection.”
“Are you sure I’m a reflection? Are you sure you’re the real one?”
“No,” I whispered under my breath.
Am I lost in reflections? Am I lost in myself?

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Jane B. was born in Uzbekistan (formerly USSR). She grew up there, but eventually had to move twice to other countries due to violence and government pressure. Finally, she found a home in Atlanta, Georgia. Raising her little daughter alone, she is passionate about writing high-concept psychological thrillers and poetry, and doing photo art. She firmly believes the only way to be perfect is to be yourself. janebonline.com | Facebook | Instagram

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