Chamber Coda by Jessica Mehta

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I miss this moment right here—that instant when you walk into a scene or see it develop in front of your eyes. You start to determine what’s going in that frame, composing. You instantly go into cyborg mode, analyzing the scene, your foreground, midground, background, are there distractions, overlaps, measuring the edges of your frame, etc. That moment doesn’t last but an instant, and most times, just because you clicked the shutter button doesn’t mean it’s going to work. But sometimes it does – Oaxaca, Mexico

Harvey Castro is a photographer working on projects rooted in social justice. His photographs show the inadvertent dramas of everyday life, whether that be the desperate eyes and resilient body language of Nicaraguan LGBTQ refugees in Costa Rica or the casually extreme sexual performativity within his photo essay Folsom Street. Castro’s genuine engagement with the people in his photographs leads his work to have a strong feeling of reportage, showing the subject mid-exchange, active in communicating their situation. Reflected are the bonds of support and camaraderie within each specific community – bonds that make resistance possible against adversity and exclusion. Follow him on his website: or Instagram:


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