Masks Off

I am an avid Halloweener. My family cultivated a lasting love of dressing up and thriving in the throng of decorated houses and costumed kids that will resonate in my heart forever. It’s a time when everyone can cast aside their inhibitions and be silly, scary or sexy with little to no consequences. As someone who’s always felt a little bit different from everyone around me, I feel like this time when everyone else puts a mask on is the time when I can take mine off and let my true self show.

Sara Cruzan is a lifelong writer and largely self-taught artist with a passion for everything creative. She self-published her first anthology of poetry and short stories at 19, and her dream is to use her works to show people that, even in their darkest moments, they are not alone. Follow her on IG: alchemic.habits Twitter: @alchemichabits1 and Facebook: @alchemichabits

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