We are pleased to announce that we have nominated the following writers and their work for a 2019 Pushcart Prize.


From The New Southern Fugitives:

“Even Assholes Get To Be Anonymous” by Kristin Garth

Tractor Ghosts” by  John Davis Jr.

Cuss Words” by Heather Labay

No Guarantees” by C.A. Rogers

Consorts” by Lisa C. Taylor

Six Degrees of Coca-Cola” by  Maria Klouda


From SFK Press:

A Body’s Just as Dead (Fall 2018), “Prologue: Summer, 2008, Drayton, Alabama,” by Cathy Adams

Amidst This Fading Light (Fall 2018), “A Kindness,” by Rebecca Davis

The Banshee of Machrae (Fall 2018), “An Old Man in a Quiet Room,” by Sonja Condit


Best of luck to all our nominees!