Author George Weinstein has always found fulfillment in exposing forgotten or secret historical episodes.

In his novel, “The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno,” to be released by Newnan, Georgia based publisher SFK Press, Weinstein sheds light on the rarely discussed mass deportation of Mexicans and Mexican-American from the United States between 1928 and 1941 known as the Mexican Repatriation.

“I was reading a book about Texas during the Great Depression and came upon a footnote this mass deportation,” Weinstein said. “I was astounded—this wasn’t anything I’d been taught in school or ever heard about.”

It is estimated that between one and two million people were deported, and about sixty percent of those US birthright citizens of Mexican descent.

“When we forget about the atrocities of the past, it becomes too easy to repeat them,” SFK Press publisher Steve McCondichie said. “Our current government’s blatant discrimination toward and violence against people of Mexican descent is inflicting this pain on them yet again.

“With separated families still failing to be reunited and the migrant caravans approaching our borders, we need to make the deliberate choice to act with acceptance instead of further darkening our history. The first step is to remember that history,” McCondichie said.

“The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno” is set during the Great Depression, when the U.S. government illegally deported more than a million Mexican-American citizens to make room on the welfare rolls and alleviate unemployment for white Americans. Carlos Moreno is a young man who has known only hardship and poverty, chasing rumors of work across Texas during the 1920s. Pursued by a renegade Texas Ranger who thinks he holds the key to a secret, Carlos takes refuge in “Little Mexico,” Houston’s colorful, boisterous barrio. He picks the worst possible time to fall in love.

As the U.S. launches its repatriation campaign, the ranger joins forces with Immigration agents to step up his personal manhunt. Now Carlos and his wife will have to rely on their courage and ingenuity to avoid a dragnet that will ensnare an entire population.

George Weinstein lives in Roswell, Georgia, and is an author of numerous novels, including the Southern historical novel “Hardscrabble Road” and Southern mystery “Aftermath”—also published by SFK Press. Since 2009, he has managed the Atlanta Writers Conference, a twice-yearly opportunity for writers to meet with agents and editors, and occasionally make their dreams come true.

Praise for “The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno”:

“Tense, tender, and ultimately hopeful, Weinstein offers a vivid picture of the Great Depression from an entirely fresh angle, wrapped in a beautiful love story that will touch your heart.”

—Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling novelist

“Told through memorable characters splendidly created by a skilled and gifted writer, this achieves what important literature ought to achieve—a sense of awe from the discovery of a grand experience. Few books shadow me after the reading; this one does.”

—Terry Kay, author of “To Dance with the White Dog” and “The Book of Marie”

“A love story wrapped inside a classic game of cat-and-mouse, this book is both a pleasurable and a highly relevant read.”

—Susan Rebecca White, author of “A Place at the Table” and “Bound South”

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