Old Truck and Good Dogs

This was taken in a large Southern city. A city where good people, with well-pampered pets at home, cringe at the site of dogs riding in the rear of a pickup truck. I may have become of those people, but THIS truck and THESE dogs brought back scenes from my childhood in rural Georgia. A cousin, rolling down a dirt road, PBR in hand. An Uncle arriving at dawn on a freezing morning, coon dogs in tow. So, for just today, I will forgive good common sense and smile at the sight of good dogs and a rusty old truck.

(Click on image for a high-resolution version.)

Cliff Yeargin has been a “Storyteller” his entire life. Whether in his career as a Photojournalist, Author or “Backroad Photographer” he is always in a search of the next story to tell. He is the author of the Georgia Author of The Year Award Winning Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery Series and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and works with CNN. | Website 

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