Volume 3, Issue 24

“Love can cauterize wounds and carve new ones. It is a bane, a salve, a mystery, and an all-consuming entity that we sometimes seek to stare down and shrink from because we cannot stand to see what is reflected back at us. This issue portrays love’s complicated facets, especially its passion, pain, and ambiguity.”

-D. W. McKinney, Issue 24 curator and TNSF Web Resident

You Belong to Me | Visual Art

“You belong to me is a colorful piece with man and woman. The man holds the woman’s heart in his hand. Is this love? Possession cannot be defined as love, except by the possessor. The bright colors offset the theme of this painting.

It doesn’t depict violence as its true definition, but it is more than implied.”

Magma | Poetry

“your fingertips on my spine, illuminating each vertebrae/ individually, the only light to be found on this road, where the canals/ run like arteries on either side, the skeletons of power plants/ bare, the shuttered darkness like a layer of topsoil/ on my car.”

-Amanda Leal, “Magma”

Permineralization | Fiction

“My bones creep out from the seeping soil, dwarfed even by the claws of the ancient lizards embedded in the same bank. The geologist watches the bank collapse while rain pours in curtains off the brim of her sunhat. She sees my rib jut out of the ground, swiftly washed clean in the downpour.”

Madeleine Sardina | Interview

“I think it comes down to balancing the action of a story and trusting the reader. I need the reader to know what’s happening but I don’t need to paint them a bloody picture. I can show a burst of violence and then cut to a quieter moment, or I can show the effects of abuse instead of showing the abuse itself and trust the reader to fill in the blanks.”


Book Reviews

Art & Photography

All I Do is Win | Photography

All I Do is Win | Photography

I have always photographed things that catch my eye, especially the more mundane or overlooked those things might be. I am particularly drawn to views of nature, sky & ground and abstracted objects found in urban settings. The act of photography is spontaneous for me, utilizing my iPhone to record details of my environment as I notice them.

Washed Out | Visual Art

Washed Out | Visual Art

Rural communities rely on farms to provide fresh produce and groceries to them, but with economic turmoil and an emphasis on “cheaper” options through grocery chains, farms can be forgotten or “washed away” by promises of lower prices and more product. But farms are more crucial than ever, some attributing their efforts to fighting climate change while taking care of their community. I intentionally manipulated the photo to demonstrate polluted water swirling over the farm to show the connection between the death of farms and the decay of our world.

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