Washed Out Visual art by Gretchen Gales

Pandemic Engulfment

Acrylic on canvas, 14″ h x 11″w

My current paintings explore appropriating elements from Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Color Field painting and Dream Work. It is my intent to empower the viewer’s mind, imagination and soul. Each time you engage with these images you find new interpretations; one minute they are eyes then planets or just shapes.

Carter Boucher‘s work has been in books and magazines, including The New York Art Review, American Artist Magazine‘s Annual Watercolor edition, Who’s Who in Art and About the Author. He has published children’s books, nonfiction, and books of satire. Boucher won the International Golden poet award, and his painting and/or other art works have won numerous awards and have been featured in national magazines and on Public Television. Follow Carter Boucher on his website, www.boucherart.com, Instagram, and Twitter.


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