This is a painting depicting a female entity holding the portal open to a parallel dimension. I painted this as a challenge to push my creativity and imagination. I utilized a bunch of random objects and set up a massive still life, which I could circumambulate for access to multiple angles in order to collage different objects together. I ended up incorporating only 10% of the objects in the still life, which were the mannequin torso, skeleton hand, a hula-hoop, furniture, plants, and even an air vent on the ceiling.

Paula Camacho is a nationally-exhibiting artist based in Orlando, Florida. She is interested in exploring the phenomenon of consciousness and has been on a mission to dissect and understand her own consciousness via her artistic practice. She has found her niche in the medium of painting, working predominantly with oil and acrylic paint, and utilizes imagery of nature to construct her allegories in each individual painting. Paula received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Fall of 2019. Follow her on her website or on Instagram.

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