PR(L)AY For Peace

Acrylic on canvas, found objects,
100 x 140 cm, 2018

In the life of modern man, we’ve come to encounter many expressions with the prefix “Fake”. We hear it from the first persons of the state on TV or read it in the publications of internet bloggers. But each of them puts in it his own understanding. And indeed, there are many fakes around us. This situation affects all areas of our lives and should find its echo in contemporary art.

With the help of my work I want to formulate what it means to me, how I see fake reality. Because in the modern world not everything is actually what we think. Many things have different meaning. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the true essence of things now.

The most important role in my project plays “Readymade” or found objects. The images on the works of the «Fake reality» project created on a background that consist of utilitarian objects that we use every day – the elements of mass culture. In the modern multipolar and multinational world art and art objects get dissolved in the routine human life. Modern consumer society creates fake idols. Even high value ideals and significance guidelines become empty and commercial.

So the image of the Mother of God turns into a game, and on her knees she keeps not a holy baby, but a plastic doll. And the concept of prayer itself becomes a game. After changing only one letter you can change the whole meaning of the phrase. By using “Readymade” objects I show how advertising, mass media influence the person and create fake reality.

Kateryna Bortsova is a painter–graphic artist with a BFA in graphic arts and MFA. Works of Kateryna took part in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Macedonia, Budapest etc.). Also she won silver medal in the category “realism” in participation in “Factory of visual art”, New York, USA and 2015 Emirates Skywards Art of Travel competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Kateryna is always open for commission and you can view her work on Instagram: @katerynabortsova, or on her website:

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