Kayla Favors

A revolution means a new happening, a change in events, or a surge of enlightenment. A revolution can occur within oneself or amongst a group of people. There is only one thing that is constant in life, and that is change and more change. Change is revolutionary, and it is necessary to the growth of the self before it can be beneficial to the masses. The feminine figure in this piece reflects love, peace within, enlightenment, and revolutionary efforts. This piece shows a woman wo is attempting to exhale everything that once was an attempt to be revolutionary for her.

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Kayla Favors is an observer and deep thinker with the mind of an artist. She creates art to help people experience what they otherwise would not. She addresses, sheds light on, and deconstructs social norms, such as virginity, human interaction, and the progress of women. Her hope is that her artwork can influence people’s outlooks and perspectives one viewer or reader at a time.

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