The AJC Decatur Book Festival

“Since 2006, the festival has brought more than 3,500 authors to Decatur during Labor Day weekend who engage, inspire, challenge, and educate.​ Each year tens of thousands of festival-goers enjoy book-signings, author readings, panel discussions, interactive children’s activities, live music, parades, cooking demonstrations, poetry slams, and more. In addition to the festival, the DBF supports youth literacy and other related programs that encourage storytelling and help people find their voice.” – the Decatur Book Festival website

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When the Vow Breaks

SFK author Mickey Dubrow of American Judas will be presenting at the AJC Decatur Book Festival alongside novelist Kimberly Belle on Saturday, August 31. Their panel is called “When the Vow Breaks.”

“A domestic thriller and a dystopian satire center on the separation of husbands and wives. In Kimberly Belle’s Dear Wife, a detective searches for a woman who has disappeared from a marriage he suspects has turned deadly. In Mickey Dubrow’s American Judas, a theocratic government sends a Jewish husband fleeing to Mexico while his wife is forcibly taken to a “savior camp.” These two panelists will discuss how these stories of disrupted marriages, one torn apart from within, one from without, speak to their shared themes of isolation, female body autonomy, oppression, and hope.” -DBF

When: 4:15-5PM on Saturday, Aug 31
Where: Decatur City Hall

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