How many of you have been blessed/plagued by these devious little creatures? My dog is obsessed with chasing squirrels so much that she responds to the word “squirrel” with rage and anxiety. I have such fun memories associated with this one particular squirrel that would climb up the telephone pole to harass my dog. I am not sure what kinds of words squirrels may use… but something tells me they have quite the mouth. Sometimes I wonder if that same squirrel was a particularly naughty one, because one day, during a storm, a lightning bolt shot down and fried him on that same telephone pole where his chattering was most heard… At first, we thought he was just super scared, but when his stiff body came down, we all knew he was toast… I kind of miss that punk.

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From a young age, Zach Bowman‘s life has been saturated in the world of art. Watching his mother teach hundreds of students as he crawled around to see the magic created within the walls of her studio, it was natural for Zach to develop an affinity for art. Zach’s work has much to do with his love of life, humanity, and light. As he paints in oil, he aims to reflect the depth and radiance of each person, as well as the natural luminous environments that surround them. Each layer of oil paint catches light in its own way and reveals the true beauty of each person to the viewer through the interaction of the passing layers with true jewel colors that lay deep within.




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