State of Mind

Oil on canvas. 24” x 30”

Allison is most intrigued to explore the vast area of strange in our identity. She has long been fascinated with the concept of identity and how we are an accumulation of our experiences and surroundings. Her work seeks to deepen the understanding of self through unfolding physical and mental complexities that define the way people portray themselves to the world. The paintings she creates often depict the human head or parts of the face away from the body, creating a space of internal reflection of the outward experience of one’s identity and individuality; exposing the imposed and extraneous.

Her artistic process involves revisiting personal experiences that have shaped her perspective on sensitive topics such as gender stereotyping, sexuality, domesticity, and physicality through the primary use of oil paint.

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Allison Meriwether grew up in Mississippi and received her BFA from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama and her MFA from Long Island University. Her studio is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. More of her work can be seen at |Instagram  

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