The Streets of Venice

This photo was taken by accident. I was lost, so I snapped a photo of what was a picturesque home in front of us. As I took the photo, a boat full of tourists entered the shot. I also noticed there were people on the balcony at the top of the picture. Originally, I was frustrated at the people in the frame. Later, I realized it was the perfect postcard of Venice—from the sea of people who travel on the canals on a daily basis to the locals who savor the view of their city from their balconies.

(Click on the image for a high-resolution version.)

Caroline Watkins is a student at the University of Missouri studying international convergence journalism. Passionate about storytelling, traveling and learning about different cultures, she often enjoys exploring the places she goes to through her camera’s viewfinder; she believes photography is a compelling and fascinating medium in which to tell a story. Although she has been practicing photography for nearly six years, she also enjoys writing, podcasting, and using social media to connect with others.. Website | Instagram 

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