The Watchtower
Psalm 91

Dressed nice, they’ll clarify the things that come their way.

In the name of the father or the mother they embody

and become every lamppost, bus stop, mini-mall, stoplight,

park bench, bodega, Burger King or light rail schedule edifice.

All they need is their standing tower of bilingual pamphlets

colored with pictures that look like me and you. People

keep passing when they just want to pass along philosophic

proficiency. A problem-solving mechanism dwelling

in the secret place of their pleats and skirts

with the highest promises of the almighty shadow.

For just a few minutes they’ll take you to the places

an almighty self can’t, promising your fortress of body

a refuge and all you’d have to do is listen. Once

I got caught. I imagined myself covered in the feathers

of the city, pigeon and cardinal, not afraid of the night,

nor the bullet of the day. And I asked if destruction was

only found in the caesura of their voices, harpooning from the

science of street corner pulpits where my eyes only looked to
trample their help.


Dimitri Reyes is a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist, content creator, organizer, and educator from Newark, New Jersey. He has organized large-scale poetry events such as #PoetsforPuertoRicoNewark and read at venues such as The Dodge Poetry Festival, Split This Rock, Busboys and Poets, and the American Poetry Museum. Dimitri’s forthcoming book, Every First and Fifteenth is the winner of the Digging Press 2020 Chapbook Award and some of his other work is published or forthcoming in Vinyl, Kweli, Entropy, Duende, Cosmonauts, Obsidian, Acentos. He is the Marketing & Communications Director at CavanKerry Press and is an Artist-in-Residence with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Learn more about Dimitri by visiting his website at

Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash

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