Washed Out Visual art by Gretchen Gales

Washed Out

Rural communities rely on farms to provide fresh produce and groceries to them, but with economic turmoil and an emphasis on “cheaper” options through grocery chains, farms can be forgotten or “washed away” by promises of lower prices and more product. But farms are more crucial than ever, some attributing their efforts to fighting climate change while taking care of their community. I intentionally manipulated the photo to demonstrate polluted water swirling over the farm to show the connection between the death of farms and the decay of our world.

Gretchen Gales once wanted to be a veterinarian, Shania Twain, and a writer all at once. She has since settled down with writing and teaching a variety of content, both nonfiction and fiction. Gretchen is currently the executive editor of Quail Bell Magazine. Her artistic work has appeared in Interim Poetics, Lady Blue Publishing, Cream City Review, and more. An alumna of Virginia Commonwealth, much of her career has been spent freelancing and teaching language arts. See more of her work at writinggales.wordpress.com.


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